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PLS 299 - Paralegal Internship

Designed to give students the opportunity to apply their formal education to actual work situations. The student intern will work either under the direct supervision of a practicing attorney or under the direct supervision of a practicing paralegal while under the overall supervision of a practicing attorney. Students must work a minimum of 75 hours in a law office or other legal entity and 7.5 of these hours must be for a not-for-profit legal entity. Additionally the students must meet with the internship faculty member 15 hours to receive three semester credit hours. The significance of student interns adhering to flawless ethical standards, maintaining confidentiality, being meticulous and reliable cannot be overemphasized.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 6 credit hours in the PLS program.

Course Offered Fall only

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Fall Semester 2016
Summer Session 2016

Contact Information

Damon City Campus
4th Floor, Room 171
M-F 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
(585) 262-1770