MCC Course Links

The following web pages were developed with specific MCC classes or programs in mind. In some cases MCC faculty have taken an active role in selecting or approving the web links included on these pages.

For links to course web pages developed specifically for MCC's SLN (SUNY Learning Network) distance learning online courses visit the SLN Course Links page.




Dental Hygiene


Food Service Administration

  • FSA 103  Culinary Arts I: Fundamentals of Food Preparation (Instructors: M. Bartell, G. Brinkman)
  • FSA 106  Food Safety & Sanitation (Instructor: Kim Wightman)
  • FSA 107  Menu Planning (Instructors: Michelle Bartell, Nancy Miller Randall, Peter Walsh)
  • FSA 108  Principles of Healthy Cooking (Instructors vary for this on-campus course)
  • FSA 205  Purchasing, Storage, and Handling (Instructor: Drew Lawrence)

Health Education

  • HED 108  Health, Family & Society (Instructor: R. Hastings)
  • HED 110  Disease Prevention & Healthy Lifestyles (Instructor: R. Hastings)
  • HED 118  Introduction to Safety & Emergency Care (Instructor: P. Dano)

Hotel Technology

  • HTL 105  Hotel Front Office Operations (Instructor: Nancy Miller-Randall)


Physical Education

  • PE 101  Co-ed Personal Fitness (Instructor: R. Hastings)

Political Science


  • TVL 101  Introduction to Travel & Tourism (Instructor: J. Zinck)
  • TVL 275  Current Issues in Travel & Tourism (Instructor: J. Zinck)