Holocaust, Genocide, & Human Rights Center

Library ShelvesThe Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Center
The LeRoy V. Good Library / Monroe Community College
1000 East Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14623
Building 2, Room 313
(3rd floor of the Library)

The Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Center is administered by:
Lori Annesi,
Special Collections Librarian

What is the HGHRC?

The Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Center (HGHRC) is a special collection of materials housed in the LeRoy V. Good Library at Monroe Community College. Originally begun as a private collection, the materials were for the use of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project. In 1998 the collection was moved to the third floor of the library, and the HGHRC was born.

In the beginning, the collection was devoted to the study of specific instances of historical genocide, particularly the Holocaust of the 20th century, as well as the theories and history behind those atrocities. In 2002, the focus was expanded to human rights issues, and, in 2011, the official name was changed to the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Center.

The HGHRC seeks to educate the public about the very problems we wish to avoid facing. It presents us with the issues of good and evil, compassion and empathy, and humanity's tendency to distrust those who are different. The collection addresses how we undermine others’ human rights and how we can circumvent these atrocities in the future through education and peace initiatives. The collection now contains over 600 holdings, including books and videos.


The HGHRC can be accessed any time the library is open. Simply stop at the Library Service Desk (main floor of the library) for a key to the room.

For further information, please call 292-2338.

Locating HGHRC Materials

All of the materials housed in the HGHRC are listed and searchable through the MCC library catalog. In order to limit your research to HGHRC materials, choose the Advanced Search option:

Any staff person or student attending MCC may check out HGHRC materials. If you are not affiliated with Monroe Community College but would like to borrow HGHRC resources, you can do so through interlibrary loan; please see a librarian at your respective college, school or local public library. For questions related to the interlibrary loan process, you may also contact interlibrary loan staff at MCC at shr_ill@monroecc.edu.

If you would like to suggest materials for the HGHRC to acquire, please send an email to lannesi@monroecc.edu.

For Further Research

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