Policies and Procedures

Cell phone use

Considerate cell phone use is restricted to the main floor of the Brighton campus library.  Cell phone ringers are to be silenced (set to vibrate only) when entering the library.  There is to be no cell phone use on the 3rd or 4th floors of the library.

Circulation of materials

A.  Loan periods

  1. Books, CDs, and cassettes are loaned to students for 21 days. Pamphlets, DVD's and videos are loaned for 14 days.
  2. Books, CDs, and cassettes are loaned to faculty/staff/administrators for 28 days. Pamphlets, DVD's and videos are loaned for 14 days. Periodicals are loaned for 1 week.

B.  Blocking from borrowing.

  1. All patrons are blocked from borrowing when they accrue $3.00 in fines or lost items.
  2. All patrons are blocked from borrowing when 1 item is overdue. The library sends three overdue notices.

C.  Transcript Blocks.

An academic hold will be placed on a student’s academic record for not returning library materials.

D.  Replacement costs

  1. Students are billed for replacement costs when materials become missing overdue.
  2. Accounts are forwarded to the Bursar and a Collection Agency for action.
  3. The following replacement costs will be charged:
    • Books, cassettes, DVD's, videos and CDs: $35.00 per item minimum, plus $5.00 processing fee.
    • Pamphlets (including HHRC pamphlets): $5.00 per item minimum, plus $5.00 processing fee.
    • Periodicals: $10.00 per item minimum, and a $5.00 processing fee.

Return of Materials.

All materials should be returned directly to a library book drop and should not be left on the Circulation Desk or on library tables. There is a book drop on the north end of the Circulation Desk and another one outside the library on the second floor of the north/south corridor to Building 11. All DVD's, videos, cassettes and reserve materials must be returned directly to the Circulation Desk staff.

Traces on Missing Materials.

If you do not find the item you're looking for on the shelf, and the MCC online catalog indicates that it is not loaned, come to the Circulation Desk with your MCC ID and place a trace on it. A staff member will search the library for the item and notify you when it is found.


Change of Address.

If you change your address, please stop at the Circulation Desk to notify a staff member. We will update your address for the library and you can also fill out an address change form for the campus. Address changes that are made on campus will not automatically be forwarded to the library.

Holds on Materials.

If you find an item listed in  the MCC online catalog that you would like to check out, first check the screen to see if the item's status is 'available' or 'loaned.' If it is 'available,' you may retrieve it from its place in the book stacks. If it is currently loaned to another patron, you may place a hold on it at the Circulation Desk with your valid MCC ID. When the item is returned, you will be notified and the item will be held for you to check out. Hold requests are filled in the order they are received. Once a hold is placed, the item can not be renewed or checked out to another patron.

Inter-branch Transfer of Materials

While using the online catalog, at the Brighton Campus, you may find materials listed as belonging to the Damon City Campus.

In the online catalog, the display will indicate DCC as follows:

       SUNY MCC Damon City Campus-
        0012-3938       City LB3946.G34 1995

These items may be requested from the Circulation Desk. You will need a valid MCC ID, and the author or title of the book to be transferred. Items are shipped daily from the Damon City Campus to the Brighton Campus. Once a transfer request is made the system automatically places the item on hold. When the item arrives you will be notified and the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.  This process also pertains to DCC patrons wanting use of LVG Library materials.

Materials listed in the online catalog as being in either library's Reserve or Reference locations may not be transferred. The display for these types of materials will read as follows:

        City Ref E18 .W67 1993 c.2 
        Reserve item 

Library Cards.

A.  Students

Students currently enrolled with an MCC ID may borrow from the library. An ID is required to check ALL materials out, whether the materials are used within the building, such as study rooms or newspapers, or are the type that leave the building, such as a regular 4-week book loan. An ID is required to use any of the library materials on Reserve.

An MCC ID may be obtained from the Student Center ID Office, Room 3-133, telephone number 292-2555.

B.  Faculty, staff and administration.

Faculty, staff, administrators, faculty emeritus, and adjunct faculty may also borrow materials with a current MCC ID for faculty or staff. The ID cards are valid during the term of employment. Though getting a new MCC ID every semester during the term of employment is not necessary for adjunct faculty, they may need to present documentation to show current employment.

A college ID may be obtained from the Student Center ID Office, Room 3-133, telephone number 292-2555.

C.  Other library borrowers.

SUNY:  All students currently registered at a SUNY college are eligible to borrow library materials at any SUNY institution. Students should have a current college ID from their home institution and proof of current registration. All SUNY students from university centers, colleges of arts & sciences, community colleges, technical colleges, etc. are qualified.

  • Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC):
    ACCESS CARD: The Rochester Regional Library Council is a cooperative program that allows faculty, staff, and graduate students to borrow materials from many local college and business libraries. At the Brighton campus, ACCESS card application forms are available at the Service Desk.

    MCC Foundation (alumni): All MCC Foundation card holders are extended borrowing privileges at the library. All MCC graduates are automatically members of the MCC Foundation for 1 year after graduation. After that year, alumni may continue to be members of the Foundation for an annual donation of $30 or more.

Lost and Found

Personal property is the responsibility of the individual patron. Lost items found in the library are held at the Circulation Desk for a short time. If the items are not claimed, they are sent to the campus lost and found department.

Reserve Materials.

A.  What is 'Reserve'?

Professors place books, articles, sample tests or homework solutions on reserve in the library to ensure that large numbers of students can use these items in a short amount of time. These items are checked out for a limited amount of time so that they will be available to many students. The items circulate for 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days. Reserve items checked out by the hour may not leave the library. A valid MCC ID is necessary to check out reserve materials at the Circulation Desk. Fines accrue at $0.25 per hour for hourly loans and $1.00 per day for 1-, 3- or 5-day loans.

B.  How do I find Reserve materials?

Reserve materials can be found in the online catalog. If you do not know the author or title of the item, search by SUBJECT KEYWORD for the instructor's name (example, 'Marchese'), course abbreviation (example,'ECO' for economics), or course number (example, '101'). These search elements can be joined with "AND" to make your search more specific(example,'Marchese and ECO and 101'). At Reserve, these materials are arranged on the shelves and files by course number and author/title. Because of the demand on these items, loan periods are shortened, fine rates are higher, and materials can not be held.

C.  How do faculty place items on Reserve?

Materials to be placed on reserve for students may include items currently owned by the library and/or by the instructor. It is often helpful to place a copy of the required textbook(s) for a course at the Reserve Desk. All materials must comply with the current copyright guidelines, and, depending on the item, you may be asked to receive permission from the publisher. As the copyright law is very specific, these items are handled individually.

If you have any questions, please call the appropriate library for more information:

  • If you are teaching a class at the Brighton Campus, call the LVG Library Circulation Desk at 292-2303.
  • If you are teaching a class at the Damon City Campus, call the DCC Library Circulation desk, at 262-1413.

Please bring all items you wish to place on reserve to the Circulation/Reserve Desk and fill out a reserve form with class information. Please allow one week for processing. We request that you allot time for your reserve materials to be processed before giving the assignment to your students.


Study Rooms

There are 20 study rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Brighton campus library. Ten rooms are reserved for one student and ten are reserved for two or more students. A valid MCC ID is required to sign out the keys at the Circulation Desk. Rooms reserved for two or more students require all students to provide IDs.

All rooms are signed out for two hours on a first-come-first-served basis. Renewals of individual/group study rooms are permitted after 4:00 pm on weekdays and all day on Saturdays. Key tags should not leave the library. If rooms are left vacant during a sign-out period, the library staff may vacate a room for use by other students.