SLN Course Links

The following web pages were developed to support specific MCC distance learning courses offered online through the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) or specific MCC degree programs. In most cases MCC faculty have taken an active role in selecting or approving the web links included on these pages.

For links to additional course web pages developed to support MCC courses held on campus visit the MCC Course Links page.




Career Development

  • CDL 100  Career Development & Planning (Instructor: A. Hughes)

Dental Hygiene


Food Service Administration

  • FSA 106  Food Safety & Sanitation (Instructor: K. Wightman)

Golf Management

Health Education

  • HED 108  Health, Family & Society (Instructor: R. Hastings)
  • HED 110  Disease Prevention & Healthy Lifestyles (Instructor: R. Hastings)


Physical Education