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We live in a world enriched by technology. To that end, the Mathematics Department embraces the selected use of technology, e.g., calculators, computer instruction, online testing, and online assignments, to enhance the learning of mathematics. Some MCC mathematics courses are available via non-traditional delivery methods such as hybrid courses, online courses, and courses taught exclusively in computer classrooms. Many mathematics instructors, in both traditional and non-traditional classes, require that students use online ancillaries as part of their courses, including online tests and assignments. Students should refer to their instructor's course information sheet for details. If there are questions or concerns about the use of technology, students are encouraged to contact their instructor, preferably before classes start.

Mathematics Placement:
Correct placement is important for optimizing a student's chances of success in mathematics. Options for a student's first course in mathematics at MCC depend on the student's placement level as indicated in the table below. Placement test scores and/or recent math transcripts, SAT or ACT test scores are used to determine initial placement levels. TRS placement levels may be revised based on pretesting during the first week of a TRS class. Regardless of placement level, students must satisfy the published course prerequisites.

Mathematics Placement

Placement Level - First Course Optiions
LEVEL 1 - TRS 092
LEVEL 2 - *(TRS 094 or MTH 130)
LEVEL 3 - *(TRS 094 or MTH 130)
LEVEL 4 - *(MTH 098 or 130 or 150)
LEVEL 5 - *(MTH 098, or 099 and 104** or 130 or 150)
LEVEL 6 - *(MTH 104 or 130 or 135 or 150)
LEVEL 8 - *(MTH 155 or 160 or 164 or 165 or lower level course)
LEVEL 9 - *(MTH 166 or 172 or 175 or 200 or lower level course)
LEVEL 10 - *(MTH 210 or lower level course)

*Students should select an appropriate TRS or MTH course for their program with the assistance of an advisor.

**”MTH 099 and 104” means that the student registers for the 099 lab with the 104 class.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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