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MTH 140 - Technical Mathematics I**

A course dealing with the algebraic and trigonometric concepts needed to solve problems in various technical areas. It includes a study of linear and trigonometric equations, dimensional analysis, ratios and proportion, functions and their graphs, right triangle trigonometry, graphs of trigonometric functions, vectors, and statistical topics. Three class hours. NOTE: A specific calculator will be required of all students in this course. (SUNY-M)

3 Credits

Prerequisite: MTH 135 with a grade of C or better or MTH 104 with a grade of C or better, or MCC Level 8 Mathematics placement.

**MTH 135, MTH 140 and/or MTH 141 are required in various technology programs. They do not fulfill a mathematics requirement for an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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