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NUR 111 - Fundamentals of Nursing

NUR 111 focuses on the Basic Needs of the non-acute adult patient to provide quality, safe patient- centered care for diverse populations.

The MCC nursing program’s conceptual framework and the core competencies of associate degree nursing practice: Professional Identity, Nursing Judgment, Human Flourishing, and Spirit of Inquiry, are introduced.

Students use knowledge and science to begin to assess a patient’s ability to meet Basic Needs and to implement fundamental nursing interventions.Three class hours, two conference hours, six clinical laboratory hours.

7 Credits

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in high school chemistry, biology and either Sequential Math, Math A Regents or High School Algebra or MTH 098; corequisites: NUR 110, PSY 101 and BIO 142 unless previously taken.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Fall Semester 2015
Summer Session 2015