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NUR 212 - Maternity Nursing (Seven Weeks)

NUR 212 focuses on the Basic Needs of maternal and neonatal patients, using the Nursing Process to provide quality, safe, patient-centered care for diverse populations through teamwork and collaboration. Students use knowledge and science to manage maternal and neonatal considerations in the acute care setting. Two class hours, three conference hours, nine clinical laboratory hours.

The core competencies of associate degree nursing practice expanded upon in NUR 112 are applied to this patient population.

4 Credits

Prerequisites: NUR 112 with a minimum grade of C, BIO 143 with a minimum grade of C, PSY 212 and ENG 101; corequisites: NUR 210, BIO 202, SOC 101, unless previously taken.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Fall Semester 2015
Summer Session 2015