Prospective Students

Applications & Program Changes

Admissions Applications

Admission into the Nursing Program occurs in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students who are new to MCC or not matriculated yet should submit applications through the Admissions Office at Brighton or through Student Services at Damon. There are two ways to apply to MCC -- the Web application or paper application. Our Admission office is prepared to receive your online application today. An official High School transcript or official GED results are required to be on file.

Available Programs

NUE1: Admission is to fall semester only for students who have graduated from high school the previous June. The first year of study includes co-requisite courses required for the nursing degree as well as courses that will help the recent high school graduate adapt to college. Clinical nursing courses begin in the 2nd year of study.

NUO1: Admission is to both fall and spring semesters for students who have completed co-requisite courses and earned grades that puts them among those with the highest number of points toward admission.

NUO2/NUO3: Admission with advanced standing for LPNs who have met entrance requirements on challenge exams and co-requisite course completion.

NUE2: This pre-nursing for LPNs track is for LPNs who have successfully completed the Excelsior College challenge exam and who are working toward matriculation into the clinical portion of the program. This option includes advisement and registration through the Nursing Department.

Where do I apply for admission?

Electronic applications can be submitted through the website. Using the A-Z index, select A/Admission Application

To submit paper applications, or if you have further questions about application procedures, please contact:

The Admission Office
Building 1, Room 211
Telephone: (585) 292-2200
Student Services Center
Damon Campus 5-252
(585) 262-1740

Program Change Applications

Students who are currently enrolled (and matriculated) at MCC should submit Program Change Applications through the Academic Advising Center on the Brighton Campus or in Student Services at the Damon Campus. If you are not currently enrolled, you must apply through the Admissions Office.

Where Do I Apply for a Program Change?

Academic Advisement Center
Building 1, Room 231
Telephone: (585) 292-2298
Student Services Center
Damon Campus 5-252
(585) 262-1740

Application Deadlines for ALL Nursing Program Applicants

Spring semester application deadline is October 31st
Fall semester application deadline is January 31st

Students previously matriculated in the nursing program who are seeking readmission must apply every semester.

Application Criteria

  1. Acceptance into the Nursing Program is based on the following criteria:

    1. To be eligible to apply for the Nursing program: All students must have earned a grade of “C” or higher in High School Algebra or Sequential Math I, Biology and Chemistry. Once all the high school pre-requisite requirements have been met, the student may apply to the Nursing program. If the student did not complete these pre-requisites in high school the equivalent MCC course must be completed.
    2. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have Permanent Resident Status and live in Livingston, Genesee, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, or Wayne county by the application deadline date.
    3. Acceptance into the Nursing program is extremely competitive. Admission decisions are made by Admissions and Counseling staff. Acceptance is based solely on a “points system”. Students who have completed the following courses and have earned the highest grades will have priority. Points are assigned based on the grades earned in these courses.

      1. English 101
      2. Psychology 101
      3. Psychology 212
      4. Biology 142 (Human Anatomy)*
      5. Biology 143 (Human Physiology )* #
      6. Biology 202 (Microbiology)* #
        A grade of “C” or higher in the biology courses is required by the Nursing program *
        Must have been completed no more than 7 years prior to application #

    4. A Veteran receives one additional point. Applicants who have already earned a Bachelor's Degree receive four additional points.
    5. It is recommended that high school students have an overall average of 85% with
      B or better grades in math, biology and chemistry. Since high school students have not yet taken college courses, they are accepted as a separate group.
    6. Students who are not accepted into the program are placed on a wait list. If an accepted student decides not to attend, the first student on the wait list is offered the seat. Once classes for the semester start, the wait list is dissolved. The next semester the acceptance process begins again with all applicants’ points for completed coursework being recalculated. Students on the wait list who were not reached will need to apply again.

  2. Participation in the Nursing Program after Acceptance

    Participation in clinical courses in the program requires

    1. Documentation of current CPR certification for the professional rescuer which includes infant, child, adult resuscitation mask and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Only American Heart Association or American Red Cross is acceptable. A current CPR card must be on file in the department office for the entire time a student is in the Nursing program.
    2. Completion of medical requirements, clearance of existing health problem(s), and ability to meet essential functions (physical and mental demands) of the program. A physical and PPD must be completed by a physician prior to admission. Annual health update, influenza vaccine and PPD is required thereafter. Changes in health status (e.g. injury, pregnancy, illness, etc.) must be addressed through MCC Health Services in order for students to participate in clinical laboratory.
    3. Proof of immunity to varicella (chickenpox). This can be accomplished in one of three ways:

      • Documented history of chickenpox disease from your healthcare provider.
      • Positive varicella immune titer now or from any time in the past (lab requisition is available from Health Services if needed- it can be emailed to you).
      • Proof of two varicella vaccines given at least 28 days apart and on or after your first birthday.

    4. Vaccination against hepatitis B and meningitis or signed declination statements
    5. Effective in Fall 2014, immunization to influenza during the fall semesters. Documentation of immunization, or exemption from immunization due to medical condition, must be received in the Nursing Department office by October 15 each year.
    6. Completion of ESOL or Transitional Studies courses prior to enrollment in nursing courses.
    7. A minimum grade of “C” is necessary in all required nursing and biology courses for continued matriculation in the Nursing program.
    8. The program of study (clinical nursing courses) must be completed within five years of matriculation into the Nursing program.
    9. NUR 150 is required for students who are transferring into the program, admitted with advanced standing, reentering NUR 112, NUR 211 and NUR 212 and/or returning to the program after an absence of one year. Completion of NUR 150 is valid for one year.

Application Criteria – LPNs with Advanced Standing

LPNs who are working toward readiness to matriculate into the Nursing program by completing pre-requisite courses (high school pre-requisite courses; English, Psychology or Biology courses) should apply for the Pre-Nursing (NUE2) Program. This program indicates that the student is an LPN who anticipates applying for the Nursing Program in the future. Students in the Pre-Nursing Program have not been accepted into the Nursing Program yet. To be eligible for the Pre-Nursing Program a grade of B or better on the Excelsior challenge exam must be submitted. Students in this option receive advisement and registration through the Nursing department. ALL LPNs should call the Nursing Department office (292-2034) to schedule an appointment to meet with a Nursing faculty advisor as soon as they are notified of acceptance into the Pre-Nursing Program. Pre-Nursing students do not take clinical courses initially.

  1. Application Deadlines for Advanced Standing Options

    Currently enrolled Pre-Nursing students MUST apply for a program change to NU02 or NU03 (explained below) according to the following timetable:

    Spring semester application deadline is October 31st
    Fall semester application deadline is January 31st

  2. Advanced Standing Options

    There are two program options available for LPNs who are ready to apply for admission into the Nursing program clinical portion.

    1. Advanced Standing 3-Semester Option for LPNs (NU02 Program Code):
      Admission to this option occurs in both the Fall and Spring semesters. LPNs in this program take all requisite courses except Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR 111). Three semesters of clinical nursing courses along with Foundations of Nursing and Issues in Nursing are completed. To exempt Fundamentals of Nursing, a score of “B” or higher on the Excelsior College Examination must be attained.
    2. Due dates for the Excelsior Fundamentals Challenge Exam (3-semester option)

      If an LPN is NOT in the Pre-Nursing Program, but wishes to apply for the Nursing Program, results from challenge exams must be received by the Nursing Department by the following dates:

      November 15 for spring semester applicants
      March 15 for fall semester applicants

      Graduates of The Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing who will matriculate into the Nursing Program within three years of their graduation can exempt both NUR 111 and the Excelsior College Examination for Fundamentals of Nursing.

  3. Advanced Standing 2-Semester Option for LPNs (NU03 Program Code):
    Admission to this option occurs in the Fall semester only. Entrants must have two years of recent clinical experience (it is extremely advisable that this experience be in the acute care setting). LPNs in this program take all requisite courses except Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR 111) and Nursing Care of the Adult and Child I (NUR 112). Two semesters of clinical courses along with Foundations of Nursing and Issues in Nursing are completed.

    • To exempt Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR 111), a score of “B” on the Excelsior College Examination must be attained.
    • To exempt Nursing Care of the Adult and Child I (NUR 112), a score of “C” on the Department of Nursing Exam must be attained.

  4. Due dates for Challenge Exams (2-semester option, fall admission only)

    Results from challenge exams must be received by the Nursing Department by the following dates:

    Excelsior Fundamentals of Nursing: March 15 - for LPNs NOT in the Pre-Nursing Program (LPNs in Pre-Nursing will have already submitted these results.)

    Nursing Care of the Adult and Child I: Exam is scheduled by the department to be administered in early April. Results are calculated by the MCC faculty.

    For either Advanced Standing Option, Excelsior College scores may not be more than three years old and must be submitted to the Department of Nursing by the deadlines. Students beginning either option are required to take Foundations of Nursing (NUR 110) prior to or concurrently with the first clinical course. Students must take Application of the Nursing Process (NUR 150) prior to beginning the first clinical course. (Nursing 150 is typically scheduled for August or mid-January.)

Admission Decisions

  1. New Students (non-LPNs): Decisions regarding acceptance into the Nursing program are mailed by the Admissions and Counseling offices by November 30th for spring applicants and by March 31st for fall applicants.
  2. Advanced Standing LPNs: Decisions regarding acceptance are mailed at the completion of each semester (e.g. in early January for spring applicants and in early June for fall applicants

Diversity Statement

“MCC is an academic community made up of individuals who reflect differences in nationality, culture, ethnicity, religion, color, race, skill, physical ability and sexual orientation.

As a community of global learners, we are proud to affirm and celebrate the rich diversity that exists among us.  We believe acknowledging and celebrating our diversity is essential to maintaining academic freedom and inquiry.  We maintain that valuing differences can teach us more about ourselves as human beings and provide us with creative energy that comes when we learn from each other.

Valuing diversity requires that we all be willing to respect and attempt to understand the full range of thought and feeling of others’ views.  To achieve this dialogue, we strive to maintain open and unprejudiced minds; we suspend our final judgment, and seek to enter into others’ views and knowledge.  The MCC community supports learning and activities that enhance our knowledge, awareness and appreciation of diversity.”

Civility Statement

“Civility:  Our Community’s Core Values”

We, the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Monroe Community College are committed to core values that include:

  • Creating an environment where we value and respect each other;
  • Promoting a community that encourages the tolerance of divergent opinions and constructive resolution of conflict;
  • Exchanging ideas and enriching our lives through the exploration of our multi-faceted culture;
  • Embracing responsibility, honesty, integrity, and courtesy;
  • Respecting the dignity, rights, and freedoms of every community member;
  • Respecting the intellectual and physical property of others; and
  • Respecting college property including both public and private spaces.

“We, as a community of learners, are affirming these core values to guide our actions and behaviors.”

Eligibility for Further Study in Nursing

MCC Department of Nursing strongly supports continuing, life-long learning. The college has articulation agreements with several institutions who offer a baccalaureate degree in Nursing. These institutions include:

Keuka College
Nazareth College
Roberts Wesleyan College
St. John Fisher
The College at Brockport, State University of New York
University of Rochester
Chamberlain College

Students who graduate from MCC’s Nursing Program, and who meet the minimum requirements of the baccalaureate program, are eligible to transfer and continue working toward their Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at these institutions. Further information is available through the Admissions Office, Counseling Center or Department of Nursing at the Brighton Campus.