Many individuals and groups in the community have shown their support for the Monroe Community College Nursing Program by donating monies for scholarships for nursing students.

Existing Nursing Scholarships available to MCC nursing students include:

  • Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • The Women's Club of Webster Nursing Scholarship
  • Daniel E. Lyons Memorial Scholarship
  • MCC Nursing Alumni Scholarship
  • Frances Hubbard Schenck Scholarship for Excellence in Nursing
  • Virginia Shea Scholarship
  • The Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  • James P. and Katherine Benton Dollinger Walsh Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Nursing
  • Mary Lou Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Wolk Scholarship
  • Wolk Faces of the Future Scholarship
  • Clark Family Scholarship
  • Jyoti Nanavati Scholarship
  • Juliane Marino Memorial Award

View this document for a comprehensive list of the available nursing scholarships with details about each scholarship.

Each of these scholarships has specific criteria to be met by the student. Information on each of these scholarships, including the amount of the award and application deadlines, can be found on the MCC Financial Aid Web page. You may download and print a copy of the MCC Nursing Scholarship Application. In order to view and print this document, you must have the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer. The reader is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe® Web site.

In the event you are a scholarship recipient, you will be notified and the monies will be awarded the following semester. In order to be eligible for the scholarship awarded, the recipient needs to be enrolled in the MCC nursing program and meet the requirements for advancement in the nursing program per the MCC Catalog and Student Handbook at the time of disbursement of the scholarship.

Donating to an MCC Nursing Scholarship:

People who are interested in making a donation to an existing MCC nursing scholarship, or who are interested in establishing a new nursing scholarship, should contact the MCC Foundation by calling 585-262-1500. The MCC Foundation also accepts contributions to the Nursing Department in general.