Medical Requirements

Program Health And Certification Requirements

The Department of Nursing recognizes the delicate balance that exists between the right of people to develop to their fullest potential and the physical, intellectual and emotional abilities required for the practice of Registered Professional Nursing.  To participate in the nursing program, all applicants, students and faculty must meet these health requirements.

Applicants To The Nursing Program:

Each applicant must have a preadmission/preemployment health screening that includes:

  1. a health assessment and physical examination.
  2. proof of immunity to

    1. rubella.
    2. rubeola.
    3. hepatitis B, or signed waiver declining immunization for hepatitis B.

  3. Proof of immunity to varicella (chickenpox). This can be accomplished in one of three ways:

    1. Documented history of chickenpox disease from your healthcare provider.
    2. Positive varicella immune titer now or from any time in the past (lab requisition is available from Health Services if needed- it can be emailed to you).
    3. Proof of two varicella vaccines given at least 28 days apart and on or after your first birthday.

  4. Documentation of meningitis vaccine or waiver of vaccine.
  5. proof of results of intradermal test for tuberculosis or acceptable evidence of freedom from communicability.
  6. review of health status to determine that the applicant is able to perform the Essential Functions for Participation in the Nursing Program as listed in the Department Policy Manual.