Health Studies

MCC's Health Studies A.S. Degree

The foundation to your future in health and wellness

Health-related careers continue to grow at a faster than average rate. Chronic disease, an aging population, and rising healthcare costs have created the need for a strong workforce that is able to address prevention, treatment, and coordination of care. The Health Studies program offers different track options with coursework that is tailored to your interest and career goals. Whether you picture yourself working in the community, a corporate facility, or a health-related organization, the health studies degree from MCC is a solid foundation for your career.

Health Studies Degree Options  -

Three Program tracks:

·       Clinical (Healthcare Careers):

The Clinical track offers a pathway to apply for programs in clinical healthcare careers. The Clinical track includes quality point courses for competitive health-related programs at MCC, as well as courses that are needed in order to apply for BSN or other health-related programs at transfer schools. 

·       General/Community Health:

The general Community Health track offers the flexibility to prepare for transfer into a number of health-related career programs such as Counseling, Healthcare Studies, Health Education, and Public Health.  

·       Healthcare Administration:

For students who have interest in management within healthcare, there is also a Healthcare Administration track that prepares students for transfer into Bachelor's degree programs in Healthcare Administration.

Students who are unsure which health-related path they would prefer should consider the Clinical Track, as that will prepare them with the higher level sciences allowing the most flexibility.

By working closely with advisors at MCC, electives can be tailored to optimize transfer into your desired program at your transfer school.

Graduates with the health studies degree will be prepared to apply to transfer programs at four-year colleges and complete bachelor’s degrees that can lead to health-related careers such as:

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