Placement Testing

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Monroe Community College (MCC) offers computerized assessment testing using ACCUPLACER, a testing package produced by the College Board. All test questions are multiple choice questions. A student needs no special computer skills to take these tests;

scratch paper and pencils are provided. Personal items other than identification documents are not allowed in the testing room.

ACCUPLACER will measure your knowledge in arithmetic, elementary algebra, college-level math, reading comprehension, and sentence skills. It is a computer based assessment, and is not a pass or fail test; rather, the results will help determine what classes best fit the student and his or her academic needs. 

The College offers students a variety of free or inexpensive resources to prepare for the test prior to taking it for the first time. We highly recommend students to test when they are well-rested, and only after a thorough review of the ACCUPLACER study guides.

About the Placement Test

To determine the right course selection for new students, MCC offers ACCUPLACER placement testing in math, reading and language use.

  • Your scores on these tests will be used for placement into English and math courses that best fit your knowledge and ability in these areas.
  • There is no fee to take the Placement Test.
  • Tests are not timed. Most students complete the test in two hours.
  • Please be prepared for that time commitment.
  • Although the test is computerized, no prior computer experience is required.
  • In addition to reviewing carefully and getting plenty of rest for these tests, be sure to take your time while testing and do your best. Your test results will determine the courses you may take at MCC.