Request for Off Campus Placement Testing


Placement testing is an important component of the student’s experience at Monroe Community College. The placement testing staff strive to promote an environment where testing occurs in a safe and confidential setting in order to maximize each learner’s potential to succeed and maintain testing standards.

Every effort will be made to accommodate students who need to take the placement test at Monroe Community College. In some cases, students who live more than 60 miles away from MCC can request testing at a pre-approved off-campus site.

If you live over 60 miles away, please follow these steps to find a proctor in your area:

  • Identify either a local high school guidance office, a local community or four-year college and contact the director of the testing, counseling or career development office of the institution.
  • The ACCUPLACER Placement Exam is computerized. Access to a computer is required.
  • Explain to your contact person that you are taking an ACCUPLACER placement exam for Monroe Community College. Ask about a proctor to administer your placement exam (some colleges refer to this as “courtesy testing”) and to determine if the test center personnel are willing to administer the ACCUPLACER tests in their testing center. It is not necessary for that college to be a user of ACCUPLACER.
  • Proctor Qualifications

    • Familiar with accepted practices for administering standardized tests
    • Has no vested interest in the student’s scores
    • Is not related to the student
    • Is employed by an educational institution

    Once you have located an off-campus testing site willing to proctor your placement test:


    The next step is for you and your proctor to complete the Off-Campus Placement Testing Request Form.  This is a two-part form:  1) Student Information and 2) Proctor Agreement.  Both parts must be sent to us by the proctor at least two weeks in advance of the date you plan to take the test.  Once we receive both completed and signed parts, we will send the proctor a time-limited password (to safeguard the test).  Please allow 7 business days for processing.

    Important Note

     As a result of a submitted remote proctor request, students and proctors will receive confirmation and informational emails from Therefore, both student and proctor should add address to their email contacts so emails will not go into a spam or junk folder. If you or your proctor do not receive an email from MCC regarding your remote testing request within 7 business days from the date of your submission, please check your spam or junk folder and request your proctor to check their spam or junk folder as well.