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 Copying machine


7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

(While classes are in session)

Brighton Campus

Main Copy Center:
Building 3, Room 164
Satellite Copy Centers:
Building 5, Room 210
Building 8, Room 539

 (585) 292-3225

Damon Campus


5th floor, behind the security desk


(585) 292-1781

Printing Services Staff

Copy Center Services
Provides full service and walk-up service


Main Copy Center at the Brighton Campus
Full service copying is available here. You can submit requests for service in-person, through interoffice mail, or via drop-off boxes located in the two satellite copy centers (Brighton Campus rooms 5-212 and 8-539). Turn around time is usually 24 hours, but you should allow a little more time during peak times, such as the beginning of the semester. Also, large order requests from Damon City Campus require a little more turn around time based on special delivery requirements. Staff from the Copy Center pick up requests and deliver completed work to the satellite centers twice a day. A walk-up copier is also available in the Copy Center for your convenience and assistance with copying equipment is also available.


Satellite Copy Centers at the Brighton Campus
All copying performed here is self-service and you should limit yourself to approximately 50 copies. Anything over 50 should go to the main Copy Center for duplication, using the pickup and delivery service. To use the large copy machines, you will need to have your Department Copying ID Number. These numbers may be obtained from your individual departments.


Damon City Campus Copy Services
At the Damon City Campus, you have access to large volume copiers in the new Copy Center located on the 5th floor behind the security desk. For assistance call x1781. For large jobs, use the Brighton Campus Print Shop. Printing Request Forms are available online (in Microsoft Outlook, choose the "File" menu and then "New" and "Choose form...") or in the Damon Copy Center.


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