Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


This comprehensive educational experience will provide the participant with both the intellectual tools and physical skills utilized by the corrections professional. It has been our custom at the Training Center to provide recruit deputies/officers with exciting, meaningful courses which exceed established standards. A great measure of research, coordination and planning has gone into the design of this recruit training program.

Predicated on the requirements of the New York State Commission of Corrections, this program has been expanded and modified by the Training Center to meet the needs of our local corrections agencies. Classes are taught by instructors with a demonstrated expertise in specific areas of specialization. Correctional command officer, deputies, local members of the legal profession, college professors, as well as EMS and fire personnel, all serve as instructional staff. This training program will have a direct bearing on a recruit's ability to perform his/her duties in a competent and professional manner.

Course Schedule

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Guy Rossi
Technical Assistant
Law Enforcement Programs
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