Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


Training Courses

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EMS System Structure

  • Bureau of EMS - NYS Department of Health
    • sets minimum curriculum requirements and certification standards
    • regulates course sponsoring agencies
    • regulates certification courses
    • establishes eligibility and testing requirements for certification courses
    • provides tuition reimbursement (when available) for students from NYS EMS agencies who successfully complete approved courses and become certified
  • County of Monroe
    • provides tuition (when available) for students from approved EMS agencies operating in Monroe County for courses not funded by the State Bureau of EMS
    • provides the EMS Medical Director who assures that the medical content of your course is accurate, and provides expertise on curriculum and skill objectives
  • Public Safety Training Facility, as the course sponsor
    • contracts with the Bureau of EMS to conduct EMS certification and in-service programs
    • has overall responsibility for administrative and fiscal aspects of each course
    • is the liaison between the students, course staff, and Bureau of EMS
    • schedules and plans the type, location, and frequency of certification courses offered by MCC
    • designates the instructor for each course
    • sets academic requirements and student policies

For more information, contact:

Karen Wilson
Senior Technical Assistant
Emergency Medical Services Programs
585-279-4011 or

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