Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York

One of the most influential people in the development of our EMS system is Milton Luria, MD. Dr. Luria has dedicated most of his life caring for patients and teaching in Strong Memorial's Emergency Department. Although Dr. Banner and Dr. Kluge are credited with starting ALS care here in the Rochester, NY, Dr. Luria is the physician who saw it through the early years and ran it on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Luria, as the head of our PAG, (physician's advisory group*) ran our EMS system from 1970 to 1990. He was also responsible for advancing ACLS training to physicians, paramedics, PA's and nurses. Dr. Luria was aware that most physicians and nurses did not know how sophisticated EMS and paramedics had become. Most physicians of the time thought we were just ambulance drivers, when in fact, the ambulances were better equipped and staffed to handle an emergency than the doctors office. Dr. Luria cleverly incorporated paramedics as teachers of his ACLS courses to illustrate that the EMS people were expert in this area. This was unheard of i.e. having a paramedic test and evaluate a physician. No one questioned this practice because it was Dr. Luria doing it. His gentle style and vast wisdom improved not only EMS care but also the care in the community as countless numbers of paramedic and physician students studied under him. Retired now, Dr. Luria, who struggles with Parkinson's disease, lives in a quiet retirement home in Rochester, NY. We will be forever grateful to him for his contributions to our EMS community. Thank you Dr. Luria !

Updated: February 3, 2003

* PAG was the precursor to REMAC