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Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York

MCC Paramedic Program Alumni
M.A. Barker, EMT-P


Hello from Winston Salem, North Carolina !

My name is M.A. Barker. I am a graduate of the paramedic class of '92. While in Rochester, I worked for Kodak as a computer analyst and volunteered at IVA for 9 years. I grew up around Va and NC and decided to move back here about 5 years ago. I am now a career paramedic with Forsyth County EMS. The countys run all of the EMS systems down here. There are private providers like AMR, but they don't answer 911 calls. Here at Forsyth County, we are very busy answering about 30,000 calls per year with 8 ambulances, 4 quick responce vehicles and about 75 paramedics. We only hire paramedics, or students about to finish school. Every ambulance has 2 paramedics aboard. Our supervisors, supply officers, administration, etc. are all paramedics. We work a 24 hour shift with 48 hours off. Each ambulance answers about 9 -14 calls per shift with about 2 or 3 "good als" calls. We have two hospitals in our county, one of which is a level one trauma center. I know all of the doctors by name and they know us by name. We have a good working relationship with medical control. Each ambulance runs about 2 or 3 level one traumas per week so our skills are utilized well. The only procedure I have not done is to perform a cricothyrotomy in the field. Chest decompressions, narcotics, nasal intubations, etc. are done fairly regularly by each paramedic. MCC's Paramedic training was tough but it prepared me to practice in the streets with GOOD skills and judgement. All of our training and continuing education is done in house and on duty. (ie we are paid for all that we do). Uniforms, turn out gear, etc. is all provided by the county. It's a great place to work if you can adapt to the southern hospitilaty and culture. Ya'll come down and see us now, ya Hear?

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