Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York

MCC Paramedic Program Alumni
Pat Hogle EMT-P

E-mail Received May 20/2003

Just wanted to drop people a line and let you all know that Kim and I are settling in here in Florida. Our apartment is fantastic as is the agency that runs it so far. Kim is settling in well at ADT here. So far she is much happier with this office than the one in Rochester. Sun Star EMS has been interesting. I am finishing the classroom portion of my orientation. Next week I will start my internship to clear. I will also be spending 3 days in class for our Medical Operations Manual aka MOMs. This should be quite interesting. There are quite a few diffences between here and MLREMS. We are giving Solumedrol in the field, and Diazapam to premedicate for cardiversion does not reqire pre-notification to medical control, though med control must be notified of most procedures. Would love to hear form you folks still up north. We have been averaging temps in the upper 80's. We have not had a single day without sunshine to some extent. Keep it safe out there. Pat Hogle, AEMT-P, Florida

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Updated: May 21, 2003