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This course provides a systematic approach to the management of life threatening cardiac, respiratory and stroke related emergencies. Students must be a Physician, Advanced Level EMT, PA, NP, RN or a student of these disciplines.

Provider Course - Original

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Provider Course - Refresher

(Must hold ACLS card that is not more than 3 months past the recommended renewal date)

Date schedule

What our students have to say...

"I thought the video tapes were VERY helpful" -Theresa Minch, RN

"Nicely done! Lectures and case presentations informative but not too over whelming. Nicely done." Susan Guess, EMT-P

"Cool approach to class requirements - sensitive to the fact that I already had a body of knowledge. This did not drone on with reveiw" -Carl Barker, EMT-P

"This is the 5th time I've recerted ACLS and this is by far the best course I've ever taken. The lecture Reg gave on medications increased my knowledge greatly. He explained concepts that I never understood before." -Cindy McCloud, EMT-P

"Material presented in an environment which was relaxed and condusive to learning...not like the 'old days' when one learned throught the "fear of god" if I miss a question or error during the megacode." -Mike Lindner, RN

"This class was very informative at a low stress level, which made it an excellent learning experience. The "hands on" experience was extremely useful." -Ginny Riggall


ACLS - Original (Books available at additional cost) $ 105.00 *

ACLS - Recertification (Books available at additional cost) $ 100.00 *

* Costs are approximate and are subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact:
Karen Wilson
Senior Technical Assistant
Emergency Medical Services Programs
585-279-4011 or or
FAX 585-279-4011
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