Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


Paramedic Program This is called a caduceus (kah-du'-se-us)

Title                                   Edition     Author        ISBN           Approx. Cost

Required Texts:

Paramedic Care  Vol. 1                    1    Bledsoe, Porter, 0-8359-5033-6      $60.00
Cliff Quick Rewiew - A&P                  1        Cliffs       0-8220-5301-2        9.00
Basic Trauma Life Support                 3        Campbell     0-8359-5159-6
AHA CPR Basic Life Support for Healthcare 2        AHA          0-87493-615-2
NYS DOH EMS Program Student Manual     1992-93     NYSDOH       2.0
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary    18                     0-8036-01939-X
Merck Manual                             16th or newer
Advanced Cardiac Life Support           2000       AHA          
Pediatric Advanced Life Support       1997-99      AHA          0-87493-628-4
Physicians Desk Reference                53 or higher           0-87489-709-2
Dubin's Rapid Intrepretation of EKGs      4        Dale Dubin		

Required Supplies: (Please don't purchase until instructed to do so)										
Good Quality Stethoscope
Pen light
Lab Coat

Optional Texts:
Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology        4        Bledsoe      0-8359-6065-X
Basic Arrhythmias                         4        Walraven     0-8359-5305-X
EMT - Paramedic Exam Review               3        Miller       0-8359-5102-2
Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment                           0-8385-1428-6
Essentials of Obstetrics & Emergency Gynecology                 0-7216-1227-X
Control of Communicable Diseases in Man                         0-87553-130-X
Manual of Medical Therapeutics                                  0-316-92400-8
Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology        3        Martini      0-13-746132-1
     (Includes applications manual)

Bill, the manager All required books are available for sale to students during the program.

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Updated: September 29, 2004