Paramedic Education at Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York

Lead II, Lifepak 10. Examine the following EKG and select the correct answer

Patient is a 68 yo w Male c/o weakness, dizzyness, and constipation. His stool

is guiac positive and his BP is orthostatic by 30 points VS are as follows: P: 140 BP 96/50 R:26 T: 99.4 oral

Because he has a "cardiac history" you place him on the cardiac monitor and observe:


* This is Ventricular Tachycardia, and the patient should be cardioverted immediately

* This is Sinus Tachycardia and a Bundle branch block, Treatment should include O2 and saline IV

* This is Ventricular flutter, and should be treated with 100 mg of Lidocaine

* This is SVT and should be treated with oxygen, adenocard, and if necessary, cardioversion

* Learning objective

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