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MCC Paramedic Program Case of the Month 10/98


Gain of 1

This Case is from Paramedic Student Chris Levey. The patient is in town for a trade show. The patient travels frequently. He is a 68 year old man who appears in good health but he states he has terminal colon cancer. He denies other medical illnesses.

Patient appears pale with slight diaphoresis. CAOx3 He complains of shortness of breath and a strange feeling in his chest.

Based on the 12 Lead Choose the correct items: (there may be several correct answers)

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This appears to be an acute anterior wall infarction

This patient appears to have a subendocardial infarction or possibly a posterior wall MI

Are all ischemic cardiac conditions caused by Coronary Artery Disease?


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Updated: October 10, 1998