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MCC Paramedic Program Case of the Month 06/99

EKG Tracing

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Chief Complaint:

The patient is an 52yo male found in the care of BLS. He is complaining of fatigue and palpatations that began this morning while taking a shower.

His VS are: P-68 and irreg., BP- 134/86, Resp-20 and normal Skin color- pink, Pulse Saturation 98% on room air.

The past history includes an MI 4 years ago with "some damage to my heart" and DM type II.

Physical Exam:

HEENT: EYES: = and reactive to light, Ears: unremarkable Nose: unremarkable Throat: no JVD

Chest: Clear to auscultation bilaterally

ABD: Soft, nontender

EXTREM: = pulses, mae well, no edema

Based on the available data, Choose the correct items: (there are 3 correct answers)

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This patient is stable and can safely be transported by the BLS crew alone

This patient may have excessive cardiac slowing due to several medications

This is malignant ventricular activity

The base rhythm is WAP

This is uniform ventricular ectopic activity

ECG Beats 2 and 5 & 6 could be described as premature junctional contractions

This is likely to be parasystole

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Updated: May 21, 1999