Enhanced External Counterpulsation - EECP


EECP is a noninvasive way to treat grade III and IV angina pectoris. The device is a special type of MAST pants that are inflated in time with the heart beat. The trousers are a type of external balloon pump. The exact mechanism for improving the patients angina is not clear but studies indicate that greater than 90% have significant improvement in symptoms. Once more, patients remain symptom free for years after the procedure. More and more cardiologists are hiring Paramedics to assist with such technologies because they are uniquely trained in all of the necessary areas. Paramedics are educated in MAST application, EKG monitoring, Arterial wave form analysis, finger plethsmogram, history taking, VS, and care of sudden arrhythmia and cardiac arrest. Patients require 35 one hour treatments.

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Updated: Feb. 27, 2001