Paramedic Education at Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York

You see a patient with a red lesion on the R. lower eye lid. It has been present for 7 days and started as a small pimple or sty. It is now quite painful to touch and causes the patient concern. The patient is a healthy 60 yo female who has had no opthalmic problems in the past. She denies recent trauma or other symptoms. The lesion has not bled.

You note that the EOM are intact, pupils are equal and responsive, and her visual acuity is as follows: O.D. 20/20, O.S. 20/20. Her VS are normal and she is afebrile. Careful palpation indicates that this lesion extends 4 mm below the lid line and is quite painful to the touch.

Right Eye

What is the most likely diagnosis:

* This is a chalazion.

* This is a sty.

* This is a basal cell carcinoma.

* This is a pinguecula.

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Updated: May 5, 1999