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Paramedic Lab Value Quiz

Answer the following questions:

1) Which of the following DOES NOT render the Chemstrip bg (tm) inaccurate 
   for clinical use:

A. Patient takes high doses of vitimin C
B. Medic is 10 seconds off on the timing
C. Alcohol prep pads were stored in the Chemstrip canister
D. Plastic lancets stored in the Chemstrip canister
E. Canister is opened each shift change to count the quantity
F. Medic has to squeeze finger to get blood out
G. The patient is anemic
H. Reagent strips stored in a hot ambulance
I. Test is done from a vacutainer tube containing fluoride preservative
J. Medic stored strips in old container
K. Patient is hyperlipidemic

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2) In the new born, which of the following is NOT correct:

A. Fetal hemoglobin binds more strongly with carbon monoxide than adult hemoglobin
B. A blood glucose of 40 mg/dl is low and should be treated with D25
C. Infants have very little glycogen stores and would not respond to glucagon
D. Pulse oximetry can be used on the toe as long as you have the proper probe 

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3) Your male patient has a hematocrit of 40 % Which of the following is TRUE:

A. This is a normal value
B. This rules out internal hemorrhage
C. This reflects severe dehydration
D. This indicates anemia of some type

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