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New Products

The recent trend is to reinvent endotracheal intubation. This may not be a bad thing. I have not tried this device yet. Here is the latest... Viewmax

imageThe Grandview Laryngoscope Blade. A blade that has all of the benefits of the Miller and the Mac in one! Reasonably priced at about $70.00 a blade, that is likely to be the blade left on the handle in most EMS airway kits. In addition to the standard blades We have the Grandview at MCC and they are very impressive. I have used them in the field on patients and they work very well.

image As technology improves we find equipment that was once only found in the hospital becoming smaller, lighter, and cheaper. As this happens, paramedics will have access to this new equipment to help them care for their patients. High quality ultrasound scanners are now priced in the 6K to 8K range. The scan image is high quality. Practicing paramedics should plan to use these devices in the near future for detecting pneumo and hemothoraces, hemopericardium, aortic and femorial aneurysms as well as fetal and GYN emergencies. The days of blurry shadows and faint images on the ultrasound (which required a very experienced person to interpret) has been replaced by crisp easy to understand images.
imageBLD introduces a new product that takes the anxiety out of administering nebulized medications to infants and young children. The toy bear is latex-free and light-weight. For more information contact


Needle-free Injections

A new product called Injex, marketed by Equidyne Systems has received a second patent for its needleless system. The device can be used by health professionals and patients alike. Medications are contained as single dose disposable ampules of glass or plastic. The ampule is placed into the injector and a trigger activates a powerfull spring that drives the solution through a pore into the tissue below. The injection is practically painless.


IMEX Stethodop

Add a Doppler to your stethoscope with a simple twist. Applications include blood flow assessment, cardiac activity, carotid bruits, and more. For more information contact IMEX at 1-800-525-2519 or visit their web site at:


The Needlyzer

A product from Health Care Products Plus Inc. This mobile needle destruction device automatically cuts and destroys metal needles through a chemical/oxidation process. Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, this device will certainly make its way to the EMS/ambulance environment.

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