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  • The Paramedic Role
    • Role description - New Roles, better pay for Paramedics....Check it out!
    • Employment opportunities
    • Photos of paramedics in training
    • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • Paramedic Education at MCC
    • Curriculum, expectations, skills, grading
    • Clinicals at a Level One Trauma Center
    • Program exceeds DOT standards for EMT-Paramedic education
    • Teaching what is now called the "Expanded Scope of Practice" curriculum since 1990
    • Not all EMT-Paramedic programs are alike - tour our program and compare
    • National Registry Test Site for Paramedics
    • Paramedic Refresher Online
    • Paramedic Degree Program
    • Alumni (where are they now?)
    • Accredited
    • Program Cost
    • Course Title and Numbers
    • Photos

  • Prerequisites for MCC's EMT-P Program
    • General prerequisites, health and physical requirements
    • Helpful backgrounds and classes
    • Photos

  • Faculty and Staff Biographies
    • Program Coordinator
    • Faculty
    • Senior Technical Assistant

  • Facilities, Parking, Maps
    • PSTF classrooms and labs
    • Strong Memorial Hospital
    • Maps and parking locations
    • Photos

  • Enrollment Information
    • Application Deadline
    • Download and print Admissions Process
    • Download and print Supplemental Form

  • Important Information about these links

    Online Education for Student Paramedics

    Online Continuing Education for Paramedics

    For more information, contact:
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    Program Director
    Paramedic Education
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