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The following two webpage areas are being developed to support our graduate and student paramedics. The intent is to ease the burden of original and recertification training using multiple technologies such as the Internet, CD ROM disks, PC DVD, video tape, and multimedia files. We are now supplying MCC paramedics and students with account names and passwords that will allow us to track student performance.

To adequately utilize this site you will need to find a location that provides the following:

Equipment and Software Requirements: You will need a multimedia computer capable of playing: AVI, WAV, MOV, and Mpeg files. SVGA display with 800 x 600, high color (16 bit) or better. A modem 28.8 or greater and an E-Mail address. A browser that will support JavaScript, JScript and Java applets. Our preferred browsers are Netscape, Version 4.5 or later, MSIE ver 4.0 or later, AOL ver 5, and Opera ver 3.0 or greater.

Gif animations will run slightly faster than they should on non-Netscape browsers. We are now providing Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to our website. DHTML will allow us to make your learning experience much more interactive and enjoyable. To take full advantage of DHTML you will need Netscape 4.5, MSIE 4.0 or later versions of these.

Dispite the fact that we strive to reduce loading time, some of our pages will take 2-3 minutes to load with a 56K modem. Please be patient with this process. Quality images are important for accurate education and diagnosis.

*Attention AOL Subscribers* If you have difficulty using our site with AOL: You may be able to use Netscape browsers with your AOL account if you have AOL version 3 or greater. [1]Install Netscape on your machine if it is not already loaded. [2]Log on to your AOL account as usual. [3]Minimize (don't close) the AOL window. [4]Open the Netscape program. [5]Enter our site in the address line and bookmark the location.

Bookmark the Paramedic Home Page for future entry into our site. Where ever possible, please use the back arrow on the bottom of each page.

All MCC libraries have the required computer equipment and Internet access. Students need only to show their college ID to use the PCs.

This website cannot fully replace the skilled training and education that can be provided by your EMS instructors. The information provided here is as current and correct as possible. Do not utilize any new treatment or procedure presented here without first talking it over with your supervising paramedics and Medical Director. Always follow your local protocols or direction from your medical control physicians.

In the future, some pages will change and become password protected. But for now, just enjoy this website!

Peter Bonadonna, EMT-P

Paramedic Program Director


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