Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


Select one correct answer for each question. Only your first choice will be tabulated even if you click another button.

1. This patient will need all of the following except?


2. Which of the following injuries is least likely?

Left femur fracture
Left hip or pelvic fracture
Cervical Spine injury
Stomach rupture

3. Regarding the first impact, what do you estimate the speed of the vehicle is?

10 mph
20 mph
30 mph
40 mph

4. What facility would be the best location for this patient?

Local Community Hospital
A Level III Trauma Center
A Level I Trauma Center
A burn center

5.The patients personal effects should be collected and placed in the ambulance because?

The clothing might be expensive
The belongings may give evidence of the impact
They may contain his name or medications.
He will need a change of clothes in the hospital

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