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The patient is a 22yo female found outside at the zoo. She apparently feels fine but her friends noticed her eye turn red and they called an ambulance. She denies trauma, she is on no medications, and she is very healthy. The patient does remember sneezing very hard 5 minutes before her eye turned red. Her VS are: P-78 and reg., BP- 118/70, Resp-14 and normal. Her skin is warm and dry with no bruises or peteicial rashes. Her vision is normal and her eyes are unremarkable save for the red discoloration limited to the entire sclera of the left eye. She has no pain or pressure.

Based on the photo, history and exam, choose the correct items: (There are 2 correct answers)

(press the blue button)

This is a hyphema

This patient has traumatic retroocular bleeding

This is a subconjunctival bleed.

This is an ocular emergency and she should be rushed to the Emergency Department.

This is rarely an emergency an can be referred to her family physician.

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Updated: May 27, 1999