1) You are ordered to give Benedryl to a child with an allergic reaction. If the MD orders 2mg/kg of Benedryl, and you have a child who weighs 40 lbs, how many mls of the drug will you administer if the concentration you have on hand is 50 mg/2 mls.

2) You are called to do an ALS transfer from Noyes Memorial Hospital to SMH. The RN at Noyes has added 2 mg of Isuprel to a 250 ml bag of D5W. The MD's order is to administer Isuprel at a rate of 8 micrograms per minute. How many microdrips will you have to give each minute?

3) Your patient is taking nitro 1/200 grains for chest pains. What is this dose in mgs? Remember that 1 grain = 60 mgs for ntg.

4) Narcan comes in a concentration of 0.4 mg/ml. If the MD orders 6 mgs to be given IV, how many cc's should be injected?

5) An MD orders you to administer Labetalol IV at a rate of two milligrams per minute. On hand you have 200 mg of Labetalol to which you will add to 250 ml of 5%Dextrose and water. Using a microdrip set, how many drips per minute do you need to administer to give this dose?

6) Your patient weights 184 lbs. Using 17 mg/Kg as a stop point, how many milligrams of Procainamide Hcl. equals the maximum dose for this patient?

7) A patient consumes 250 tablets of iron. If each tablet has 5 grains of iron, how many grams of iron has the patient consumed? Remember that with iron, 1 grain = 65 mg.

8) Albuteral is packaged as 2.5 mg in 3 mls. What is the base concentraion of this solution?

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