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Select one correct answer for each question. Only your first choice will be tabulated even if you click another button.

1. ST Elevation in leads II, III, and aVF make you think of?

Anterior AMI
Inferior AMI
Septal AMI
Apical AMI

2. Upon diagnosing the above, the next task is to?

Acquire lead MCL1
Acquire ABGs
Acquire limb leads
Acquire right sided leads

3. Which of the following would make you suspect pericarditis on the 12 lead ekg?

Diffuse ST depression
Significant Q waves
Diffuse ST elevations throught 12 lead
PR segment elevation

4. Which of the following ST segments is considered abnormal?

Lead I 0.5 mm depressed
Lead V1 2 mm elevated
Lead aVR isoelectric
Lead V2 1 mm elevated

5. Which of the following leads are bipolar?

aVR, aVL, aVF
I, aVF

6. When considering lead placement, where is the V1 electrode placed?

4th ICS R Sternal Border
5th ICS R Sternal Border
5th ICS L Sternal Border

7. Which of the following EKG findings makes diagnosing AMI more specific? ST elevations and...

flipped p waves
reciprocal changes
left bundle branch block

8. Which of the following is a contra-indication to lytic therapy during AMI:

Age over 70
CVA two years ago
BP currently 230/100
History of gastric ulcer

9. ST segment elevation during chest pain that resolves when the pain stops makes you think of?

Angina Pectoris
Unstable angina
Variant angina
Preinfarction angina

10. A QRS axis of -45 degrees would be:

ERAD (no-mans-land)

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