Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


Since 1975, Monroe Community College, through its Public Safety Training Facility, in conjunction with the Monroe County Law Enforcement Council, has offered the New York State Basic Course for Police Officers to those men and women who have chosen Law Enforcement as a career. Our mission is to prepare Law Enforcement practitioners for exemplary service to their agencies and communities.

We offer both Part-Time and Full-Time courses in Basic Police Training that are fully accredited by the New York State Bureau for Municipal Police, which awards a New York Basic Police Certificate upon completion.

Course requirements for completion of the basic recruit program are PLE101, PLE102, PLE103, PLE104.

    PLE101 - Fundamentals of Policing                                      13   
    PLE102 - Police Proficiencies and Procedures                           20  
    PLE103 - The Community and Policing:  Serving Special Populations      13
    PLE104 - Practicum in Policing                                          1
                                                          Total credits    47

As we close this century and prepare to enter a new millennium, the Public Safety Training Center will continue to seek new techniques and approaches to delivering this very challenging program. A tuition academy and use of high tech learning environments are in the planning stages. We continue to lead the state in training police officers in preparation for service to their communities.

Course Schedule

For more information, contact:

Bill Lapp
Program Coordinator/Lecturer
Law Enforcement Training
585-279-4008 or

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