Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


In 1992 the New York State Legislature passed the Security Guard Act, requiring that all security guards in the state be registered and receive mandated training in a series of courses. Prompted by this legislation, Monroe Community College's Public Safety Training Center offers the following courses:

  • PSP906 - The Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Course covers the basics of security training.
  • PSP907 - The Sixteen Hour OTJ (On the Job) Training Course teaches skills that are "job specific.
  • PSP910 - The Eight Hour Annual Recertification Course reviews and stresses new and current issues.
  • PSP912 - The Eight Hour Annual Firearms Refresher.
The Training Center is a BMP (Bureau for Municipal Police) certified facility for these courses, which are approved by the New York State Division for Criminal Justices Services. All instructors are also certified by the BMP.

Monroe Community College, through its Public Safety Training Facility, has been a pioneer in Western New York for private security training. We will continue to lead the way in preparing men and women to meet the challenges of this popular and demanding career.

Course Schedule

For more information, contact:

Bill Lapp
Program Coordinator/Lecturer
Law Enforcement Programs
585-279-4008 or
Margie Scahill
Senior Technical Assistant
Law Enforcement Programs
585-279-4007 or

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