Public Safety Training Facility

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York


PST 130 Public Safety Incident Management

This 16-hour course is designed to increase the participant's skills and knowledge needed at an emergency scene in an effort to start the sequence of events required to bring the incident to a successful conclusion or in preparation for the arrival of upper level supervisors.

The course covers the Incident Command System, the critical tasks that first responders must perform to stabilize an emergency in the first twenty minutes of the incident. Skills are developed through a series of simulated emergency incidents using a scale model city.

PST 132 Command Post Operations

This course is designed to increase the participant's knowledge and ability to manage a variety of resources at an emergency incident in order to bring the event to a successful conclusion.

Course content includes the Monroe County Incident Management System, the process of assembling and coordinating the resources required to mitigate an emergency and interfacing with a variety of responding agencies, through classroom presentations and simulations of emergency incidents on a table top HO-scale model city.

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