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The current video library contains dozens of programs, all of which are available to subscribing public safety agencies or on an individual per-cost basis to non-subscribing public safety agencies. They are not available to the general public. Titles range from law enforcement topics addressing new legislation, case law, and contemporary issues to fire and emergency medical service programs regarding bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication and other OSHA training mandates.

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Services include credit and non-credit course offerings customized to meet the changing needs of Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.

    Law Enforcement In-Service Training

    • Modules consist of a 10-15 minute video tape, reading materials, and a test. Participants receive testing materials to be completed at the conclusion of the training.
    • Enrolled officers are credited with one hour of training per program.
    • Programming is approved to meet CALEA annual training requirements.
    • The Training Center maintains complete officer records and provides each police/sheriff department with an annual report of training hours. Scores are entered into our course records and all documentation is maintained in our state-of-the-art database. Individual or departmental records can be accessed in minutes.
    • Cost per officer: eight programs $ 52.50/year

The Video and Distance Learning Unit of the Public Safety Training Facility has been producing award-winning programming for the public safety community since 1981. Honors received include the Award of Excellence from the International Law Enforcement Video Association, the New York State Office of Public Safety and the Monroe County Legislature as well as the following:

  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association Awards
    • 2000
      • Gold Shield Award: "Tools, Toys, and Tricks: Accessories to Drug Use" Community Relations - Long
      • Bronze Shield Award: "Bloodborne 2000" Training - Short
  • Law Enforcement Video Association Awards
    • 1999
      • Silver: "Department of Environmental Conservation" Community Relations - Long
      • Silver: "Surveillance Video Enhancement" Training - Short
      • Bronze: "Office of Emergency Communication" Community Relations - Short
      • Merit: "Emergency Vehicle Scene Management" Training - Short
      • Merit: "Aerosol Subject Restraint" Training - Short
    • 1998
      • Bronze: "Landlord/Tenant" Training - Long
      • Bronze: "Mental Hygiene" Training - Short
      • Merit: "Domestic Violence Electronic Monitoring"
      • Merit: "Emergency Response Management"
    • 1997
      • Silver: "Edged Weapons" Training - Roll Call
      • Merit: "Emergency Medical Dispatch"
    • 1996
      • Merit: "Court Security"

For more information, contact:
John Frontuto
Video Specialist
Interactive Learning Technologies
585-279-4002 or

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