Unique to Our Program...

Water Rescue

Each year the entire class of students are allowed to select an interesting speciality such as Vertical Rescue, Vehicle Extracation, Water Rescue, Water Safety or Wilderness Rescue. Pictured here are two faculty members (right) discussing the day's events with a student (left) negotiating the rugged terain.

12-Lead EKG

MCC's Paramedic Program is one of the few Paramedic programs that not only teach 12 Lead EKG acquisition but we also teach the paramedic how to interpret the 12 lead for normalcy, ischemia, acute injury, infarction, axis, bundle branch blocks, chamber enlargement, pericarditis, and other field issues.

Unique Education

Unique didactic and skills training. On-site labs for experiments in osmosis, diffusion, blood typing and hematology. On-site EKG Telemetry Base Station for student practice and "role reversal". In addition to books, lecture, and computers, students learn anatomy using organ dissection classes. Special mannequins allow practice in endotracheal intubation, thorocentisis, pericardiocentisis, surgical airways, external jugular cannulation, external pacing, synchronized cardioversion, and defibrillation. We use modern, well-maintained medical equipment. Our computer labs are equipped with the latest medical education software.

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