Violation Appeals

Filing an appeal - All parking violation appeals must be submitted in writing.

Violations of the New York & Traffic Laws must be in writing and individuals must appear in person before the Appeal's Board.

In both cases, your appeal must be submitted or postmarked withing 15 calendar days of the citation's issuance. If the deadline is not met, your appeal will not be eligible for reveiw and your rights to appeal will be forfeited.


1. Public Safety/Parking Services Office staff are available to assist visitors, students, staff and faculty who wish to contest a parking ticket. If it is determined that no violation occurred, the ticket and fines will be dismissed.

Parking Appeal Forms
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2. Individuals desiring to appeal a Violation Notice must obtain, complete and submit form to the Parking Office within 15 calendar days of the date of the violation. (A letter can be substituted for the form.) Only the operator of the motor vehicle who has incurred the violation notice may appeal and/or appear in person to contest a violation. An appeal date will be assigned for all Vehicle and Traffic Law violations.

3. The Appeal Administrator, by majority action, to dispose of a case by: (1) upholding the charge(s) completely; (2) upholding the charge(s) but reducing the fine to whatever amount it feels is appropriate in light of the extenuating circumstances; (3) reducing the charges to a lesser offense; or (4) dismissing the charges completely. The decision of the board shall be reduced to writing and a copy shall be furnished to the appellant and kept on file in the Parking Office. The decision of the Appeal Administrator is final without further right of review by the appellant. The Appeal Administrator does not have the authority to make or change these regulations.

Except in rare and unusual circumstances, the only proper basis for an appeal is contention that the cited regulations were not violated. It is no excuse that the individual "thought it wasn't a violation", "did not mean to violate a regulation" or "saw other vehicles doing the same thing." The issue on an appeal is whether or not the cited regulation was violated. It is strongly encouraged that the appellant include supporting evidence, i.e., documentation, statements from witnesses. In the absence of such supporting evidence, the Board shall be strongly inclined to accept the validity of the ticket as written.