Key Control Policy

1.  The Chief of Public Safety will be responsible for the issuance and control of all keys.

2.  Keys will be issued to individuals only for areas where a need can be demonstrated.

3.  Keys must not be left unattended.

4.  Persons losing keys must notify Public Safety immediately, a report will be filed.

5.  Keys will be replaced at a cost to the individual. Costs range from $5.00 for a single door key up to and including $100.00 for a grand master.

6.  Keys must not be issued or loaned to unauthorized personnel.

7.  Any unauthorized key found in the possession of anyone will be confiscated immediately.

8.  No key may be duplicated without written authorization of the Chief of Public Safety.

9.  No area will be opened for anyone without proper agreement as to persons entitled to access.

10. Personal locks are prohibited on all doors and will be removed if found. (Cabinets, lockers, files, etc. may be secured with personal locks). This is to comply with existing fire and safety regulations.

11. Keys issued are the responsibility of the individual to whom issued as well as the area for which issued.

12. All areas of the College must be accessible by at least one on-duty member of the Public Safety Department at all times.

13. Termination/Resignation: Faculty and Staff members must turn in all College keys and present clearance form to Personnel.