In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), students at Monroe Community College are entitled to:

  • Full access to their educational records
  • The right to challenge the content of their records
  • The right to limit the release of such records without their written consent.


FAQs & Resources


What are "Educational Records"?

Information or data recorded in any medium which is directly related to a student and which is maintained by the College or a person acting for the College. By law, medical records, security records, financial records of parents, personal notes of teachers or administrators which are not available to any third party, and directory information have been excluded from educational records.

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How do I allow my Parents/Guardians to view my "Educational Records"?

As a student, you need to fill out the Consent form listed and bring it to Student Services (1-300). You will need to sign it at the time you turn the form in.

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What is "Directory Information"?

Refers to a student's name, email address, picture, date and place of birth, major field of study, dates of attendance, awards and degrees received, most recent previous educational agency attended, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, and weight and height of members of athletic teams. This information may be made public by the College for all but those students who indicate within the first three weeks of classes that any or all of the information so designated should not be released without their prior consent.

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How do I restrict the release of any or all "Directory Information"?

If you wish to restrict the release of any or all directory information that pertains to you, you must notify the Office of Student Services (1-300) within the first three weeks of classes each semester.

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How do I find out who has access to my Records?

Details pertaining to the location and content of educational records; the names of persons having access to and responsibility for the maintenance of such records; and the policies and procedures related to record access, review, and challenge, are available in the Office of Student Services (1-300).

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As a Faculty/Professor, how can I check if a student has a "FERPA"?

Having a “FERPA Waiver” present means that you as the “instructor” can communicate with the student’s parents/guardians (or whomever is listed on the waiver) about the student’s “educational records.” Otherwise, you are restricted to “directory information” only.

To help you determine if there is a “FERPA Waiver,” please follow the steps below:

1. Log into MyMCC
2. Go to the “Banner” Tab
3. Click on “Banner Self-Service” (on the left side)
4. Click on “Faculty Services”
5. Choose the first item, “Student Information”
6. Click on “FERPA Waiver information”

Note: If the student has Release Code "A" checked, you can discuss all information with the consented. Otherwise you are limited to the specific areas: F = Financial Aid, B = Bursar, H = Housing, R = Registrar (includes Grades), A = All

Note: You many need to make an “ID Selection” if you are not in the student’s record

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Please email questions to:

(Please include your name, student ID and date of birth)