Dropping or Adding a Class:

  • The Drop-Add period, listed on our Academic Calendar, refers to the time at the start of a term that you may change your original full-term class. Note: If you are taking a class that is not full-term (15 weeks), please check the Varied Length / Late Start schedule for appropriate deadlines.
  • If you drop a course after the start of classes, you will receive a partial refund. Please see our Tuition Refund Schedule for details.
  • Matriculated students may want to consider talking to an academic advisor before changing your schedule. Additional Academic Advisement information can bel located at http://www.monroecc.edu/depts/advisement/
  • Do not rely on the College to drop you. If you do not drop before the first day of a semester, you will be liable for a percentage of your tuition and fees. Students who anticipate that financial aid will pay their tuition bill must also follow official drop procedures.

Ways to Add/Drop a course

  • Add / Drop Online
    • Login using your Network Account & Password
    • Choose the "MyCourses Tab"
    • Click on "Add/Drop courses on the left"
  • In Person - fill out an add/drop form at Registration & Records, Building 6 Room 203


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