Non-high school graduates who complete 24 college credits within the following distribution, with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, are eligible to apply for the New York State High School Equivalency Diploma Based on Earned College Credit.

Requirements for HSE/GED:

  • 6 credit hours in English Language Arts
    (English composition, literature,speech and/or creative writing)
  • 3 credit hours in Mathematics
  • 3 credit hours in Natural Science
  • 3 credit hours in Social Science
  • 3 credit hours in Humanities
  • 6 credit hours in any credit bearing courses applicable for college degree program requirements


Enrolling to MCC:
As a HSE/GED student, you have two choices for enrolling to the college. In both cases, you will not be eligible to receive financial aid until you obtain your HSE/GED.

  • Just take courses with no major/program (non-matriculation). You will be limited to 11.9 credit hours per semester. please contact the Registration office at 585-292-2300 or registration@monroecc.edu.


Students should also meet with an academic advisor each semester to ensure the courses they select meet the requirements to earn the HSE/GED.


Applying for Equivalency Diploma:
After a student has completed the 24 college credits in the required distribution noted above, they should apply for the equivalency diploma through the Registration and Records Office, located on the second floor of Building 6. You will need to complete the HSE application, a transcript request form, and provide a certified check or money order for $10 payable to NYS Education Department.

More information is available at the NYS Education Department Web site.


Please email questions to: