You can access your grades online through your Student Records Account. Click on the Student Tab > Student Records > Final Grades now select a term, then click Submit

If the semester you are looking for is not available, this means your grades have not been posted yet. Grades are typically due from faculty seven days after the final examination period ends.

MCC no longer mails grade reports. If you are in need of a grade report, please call Registration and Records at 292-2300.


GradeInterpretationNumerical Value # of Grade
B+ 3.3
BAbove Average3.0
B- 2.7
D+ 1.3
D-Minimum Passing Grade.7
WIWithdrawal, Lack of Immunization  **

* Semester hour credit and quality points shall not be granted.

** Administratively assigned grades. Semester and cumulative averages are calculated only on the basis of credit courses completed with grades of A through F.

Incomplete Policy

A grade of "I" may be assigned by faculty in special circumstances in which the course requirements have not been completed by the student. A written statement of requirements for completing the course must be filed with the department chairperson by the faculty member (or department chairperson, if the faculty member is not available) prior to the due date for the submission of final grades. Credit hours or quality points are not assigned for an "I" grade.

When the requirements have been completed, but no later than one year from date of issuance, the faculty member or chairperson will submit a grade change from "I" to a letter grade. The "I" grade must be converted within one year.


A grade of "AU" is assigned when a student registers for a course according to procedures outlined in the College's Course Audit Policy . Students may not attend a class on an audit basis unless they are properly registered for the course and have filed an audit grade election form.


A grade of "W" is issued for course withdrawals made after the third week of the schedule adjustment period (drop-add period). It is the student's responsibility to initiate any withdrawal in accordance with procedures stated in the College's Withdrawal Policy . Failure to formally withdraw may result in receiving an "F" grade. Faculty are not required to withdraw students who elect not to attend classes.

Students who do not provide proof of immunization will be automatically withdrawn by the college from the course. They will lose all credit. They will remain liable for tuition and fees.