Many high demand courses have electronic waitlists available.  When a class reaches maximum enrollment capacity, the course is said to be “closed.”  A student will not be able to register for a "closed" class but will be given an option to be put on a waitlist, also referred to as being "waitlisted." Once a student waitlists for a class, they are sent an email explaining the process.

When a seat becomes available in the class, the student will automatically be notified by email (MCC email account) to register for the available seat in the class.  The student will be given 3 days to register themselves into the class, changing their status from “Waitlist” to “Web Registered”. If the student takes no action to register him or herself, they will be dropped from the waitlist.

The Automatic Waitlist Notification process for full semester courses is turned off the week before classes begin. Registration & Records staff manually process registrations during this busy period. If you are waitlisted and a seat becomes available, we will register you for the course and send you an email notifying you of the change in your schedule.

You can find your real-time waitlist position and status by logging in to your MyMCC, going to the "My Courses" tab and clicking the "Detailed Schedule" link.

>>The key to successful waitlisting is to check your MCC email account daily to determine if/when a seat has become available for you.

Students Now Manage Their Waitlists!

As in the past, a student can waitlist for as many different sections of the same course as they want. There is no limit. The waitlist system does not check for things like time conflicts, prerequisites or co-requisites. This is done at time of registration.

Our Automated Waitlist process allows a student to register for one class (i.e., ENG 101-100) and continue to stay on the waitlist for other sections of the same course (i.e., ENG 101-200) that may become available. If and when a spot becomes available in the waitlisted class, the student must drop the previous instance of the class (i.e., ENG 101-100) and add/register for the new one (i.e., ENG 101-200). When the student does attempt to register for the new course, the registration process will check for time conflicts, prerequisites, co-requisites, financial holds and more.

Automatic Waitlist Resources
  • Students - Automatic Waitlist Tutorial pdf
  • Faculty - Automatic Waitlist Tutorial pdf
  • Advisors - Check Waitlist order through Self Service. Go to:
    > Faculty Services > CRN Selection > Summary Wait List OR Detail Wait List
  • How Do I Drop myself from the Waitlist?
    • Before the First Day - You can add and remove yourself from the waitlist until the day before the first day of the class without any penalty.
    • After Classes Have Started - You can remain on a class waitlist up to one week after the first day of class. At the one week mark, the Registration office will purge or remove all waitlisted students. You do not need to remove yourself from a waitlist.

Being on the waitlist means that you have not been officially registered for classes. We recommend that you attend your class, especially if you are close to the top (#1-3) of the waitlist.


Faculty granting eGreenslips (electronic greenslips) should send an email to greenslips@monroecc.edu AND CC: your Department Chair. Please provide the following information in your email:

    • In ‘Subject’: CRN, Student Name, SLN (if applicable)
    • In ‘Body’:
      • Term/Semester (i.e., Spring 2015)
      • Student Name
      • M# (i.e., M00999999)
      • CRN (i.e., 23453)
      • Class Section (i.e., PSY 101-001)

NOTE: If we receive a greenslip early, we will hold your request until after the waitlist has been turned off.


Questions or Concerns?

Please call (585) 292-2300 or email registration@monroecc.edu


Please email questions to:

(Please include your name, student ID and date of birth)