Waitlisting for Classes

Many high demand courses have electronic wait lists available.  When a class reaches maximum enrollment capacity, the course is said to be “closed”.  A student will not be able to register for a "closed" class but will be given an option to be put on a Wait list also referred to as being "waitlisted".

When a spot opens up in the class, the student will automatically and immediately be notified by email (MCC) to register.  The student will be given 72 hours to respond and register themselves into the class, changing their status from “Waitlist” to “Web Registered”.

The week before classes start, the student’s notification time to register from the waitlist is reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours. The automatic Waitlist notification process is turned off the Friday before classes start.

A student’s real-time waitlist position, notification time and status is listed in the Student Detail Schedule in Self-Service Banner / MyMCC. 

>> Fall 2014 Automatic Waitlist Notification Schedule
(for Full-Term classes)

  • 72 hour notifcation through August 24
  • 24 hour notification through on August 29 @ end of business day
  • Automatic Waitlist turned off August 29

>> Exclusions from Fall 2014 Automatic Waitlist: Most BIO classes are excluded (except BIO 120 & 142) from the Automatic Waitlist process for Fall 2014. Also, HSP 102 (Hospitality Service) which has Lecture, Lab and Conference components is excluded.

Questions regarding BIO waitlist, please contact the BIO department at 292-2720.

>> Automatic Waitlist Resources

>> After the Waitlist Period

Once the automatic waitlist process is discontinued for the semester, you must request permission from the instructor to be admitted into a “closed” course. If the instructor grants permission, a “green slip” must be signed by the instructor and chairperson.  Since policy on “green slips” differs among departments, you should contact the faculty member or department staff during the registration period.  .


How Do I Drop myself from the Waitlist?

Before the First Day

You can add and remove yourself from the waitlist until the first day of classes without any penalty.

After Classes Have Started

You can remain on a class waitlist up to one week after the first day of class. At the one week mark, the Registration office will purge or remove all waitlisted students. You do not need to remove yourself from a waitlist.

Being on the waitlist means that you have not been officially registered for classes. We recommended that you attend your class, especially if you are close to the top (#1-3) of the waitlist.


Waitlisting for a Lab / Lecture combo

When waitlisting for a lab/lecture combo which has two distinct CRNs, you only need to waitlist for the lab. You cannot waitlist for both the lab and lecture. Once a spot becomes open in the lab, you can add the lecture at the time when you register for the lab.

Questions or Concerns?

Please call (585) 292-2300 or email Registration@MonroeCC.edu.