FAQ — Things to Know About Living on Campus

What is an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff members who live in the residence halls. As a member of the residence hall staff, RAs are assigned to each floor. RAs are selected on the basis of leadership and other personal qualities that enable them to assist residential students with concerns and everyday issues.


What is an RD?

The residence halls are supervised by five Resident Directors (RDs). There is one RD located on the first floor of each building. The RD's are full-time professional staff members who reside in the buildings. His/her primary responsibility includes supervising the RAs and the management of the residence halls. They have posted office hours during the work day to respond to the needs of the residential students. There is an RD available 24 hours/7days a week in case of an emergency.

The Resident Directors work with Resident Assistants and students to establish and maintain a healthy and safe community in the residence halls. Residential students bring ideas for fun and new learning experiences; RDs and RAs help make it happen.


Where are the laundry rooms? How do you pay for laundry?

There are laundry facilities located on the first floor of each of the five residence halls. Laundry is $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry and can be paid for by using quarters or a debit/credit card (not your student ID). Quarters are available at the Campus Center Service Desk in Building 3. There are no change machines in the residence halls.

Our LaundryLinx laundry program provides students with online access to laundry facilities to see when washers/dryers are finished with their cycles or empty. Mechanical issues with machines are automatically reported to our laundry company, however, if you have a problem with a machine, please contact your Resident Director.


Is there an on-campus meal plan required?

No. Due to the amenities that each on campus suite offers. MCC does not require residents to purchase a meal plan.

However, there are a variety of food plan options that are provided by Sodexo, MCC's on campus food service provider. Students are able to put money on their student ID card, and use it as a declining balance (debit) card at on-campus dining locations.


What type of security do the halls have?

All residents use their student ID card to access the front door of their building. Residents and other visitors will not have access to buildings in which they do not live in. State-of-the-art cameras survey the building front entrance as well as the parking lot and blue light security phones are located throughout the campus (buildings and parking lots). There is also a Public Safety department located on campus open 24 hours/7 days a week. In the evenings, from 6pm-6am, Public Safety staff are present in each building lobby signing in guests and assisting students and residence life staff.


Is there parking available for all residents?

Parking lots R, S and T are available for residents; these lots are located in close proximity to the residence halls. Residents must purchase a $75.00 parking permit each semester. Permits may be purchased through the Campus Center Service Desk.

From 12 am - 5 pm residents must park in designated resident hall parking areas in lots R, S or T. From 5 pm - 12 am there is open parking (with valid permit) on the MCC campus.

Lot E is for visitor parking only. Visitors must display a visitor parking pass on their dashboard. Residents may purchase $2 visitor parking passes from the Parking office located in 7-341. Residents may purchase 25 of these passes each semester. There is also metered parking on either side of Lot E.


How are fees assessed for room or floor damage at the end of the year?

When checking into your room you will sign a room condition report (RCR) that will state the current condition of your room. Residents will have 24 hours from check in to notify a housing staff member of any additions to the RCR that were missed by the housing staff.

Upon check-out a housing staff member will inspect the room against the condition of the room at check-in. Any damage will be charged appropriately.

Common areas in each suite will be charged evenly among all suite members, unless the individual is identified.  Similarly, building damages will be charged to the entire building, unless the individual is identified.


What are things I can bring and can not bring?

Please see the things to bring and things not to bring flyer.


What is my mailing address?

A resident's mailing address will depend on the residence hall that they are living in. The addresses are as follows:

Pioneer Hall

Resident's Name

50 Pioneer Hall Box #

Rochester NY 14623

Alexander Hall

Resident's Name

51 Alexander Hall Box #

Rochester NY 14623

Tribune Hall

Resident's Name

52 Tribune Hall Box #

Rochester NY 14623

Canal Hall

Resident's Name

53 Canal Hall Box #

Rochester NY 14623





*Please note: Make sure to include the word "Hall" in the address. You do not need to include the words "Monroe Community College" or "1000 E. Henrietta Road" in the address. (back)

Photo of students moving into the residence halls on move in day.

Location & Contacts

Brighton Campus

West Canal Hall
First Floor
Hours: M-F 8:45am - 4:45pm
Phone: (585) 292-3674 residencehalls@monroecc.edu