FAQ — General Information

Who is eligible to live on-campus?

Any student who is matriculated, registered for classes full time, and in good academic standing can apply to live on campus. "Full time" is defined as twelve credit hours or more. The Housing Application must be submitted online and the $200 application fee is required before the application will be considered active.


How much does it cost to live on campus?

Housing Cost
Single bedrooms and double bedrooms are priced differently based on the number of people in the bedroom. All single bedrooms are priced at the same cost, regardless of the size or location. Residents are paying for the single not the size or location.


Are the residence halls strictly for out-of-county students or athletes?

No! Anyone can apply to live in the residence halls. To date, approximately 2/3 of the applications are from out-of-county students, however, this does not prevent in-county students from applying to on-campus as well.


How does a student apply for housing?

The application process is now completely online. As long as your are accepted to the college, you are able to access the application. Click here for the application process


What if I can't afford the $200 housing/security deposit?

The Housing Application requires students to submit a $200 housing/security deposit in order for the application to be considered active. Students may submit payment following submitting the application, but the appliation date and time will change to when payment was submitted. When determining the cost of college and living in on campus housing, this deposit is something to keep in mind when deciding if on- campus housing is affordable for you.


How many total rooms are available on campus?

The residence hall complex consists of 772 beds, located in four buildings, Pioneer Hall, Alexander Hall, Tribune Hall and Canal Hall. Each suite is approximately 1,100 square feet in size.


When submitting an application , do 2nd year students have priority over 1st year students?

No. 2nd year students do not have priority over 1st year students. Acceptance into housing is made on a first-come-first-serve basis, regardless of current credit status. Students currently in the residence halls are guaranteed housing for the following year as long as they meet all established deadlines.


How are housing assignments made for new students?

Housing assignments are made based on the roommate agreement questionnaire that is completed on the housing application/license. Residents are placed in a suite based on similarities. Once placed in the suite, the placement of beds is based on the date and time stamp of the housing application/license was received. Students also have the opportunity to choose their suitemate/roommate but it must be a mutual request.


When will I know if I have a bed in the residence halls?

Residents will be notified beginning on April 3 regarding their housing status and offers will made weekly until the residence halls open. A student has ten (10) days to withdraw their application once they have been placed in a bed. Withdraw notification must be made in writing to the Housing and Residence Life Office.


Can I tour the residence halls before I move in?

All campus tours, including the Residence Halls, are organized through the MCC Admissions Office. The Admissions Office is located on the Brighton Campus, Building 1 Room 211, phone number 585.292.2200. Several summer orientations will include a residence hall component and tour. You can view the Orientation schedule here or visit the Housing and Residence Life website for additional information.


Does my financial aid cover my housing cost?

This depends on your financial aid eligibility. If you have enough financial aid eligibility, your aid may cover your residence hall expenses. Contact the (back)

What if I don't get a space?

If you have applied to live in the residence halls, and you are not initially assigned a space, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list. If you choose not to remain on the waiting list, you must notify the Housing & Residence Life in wriing and your housing/security deposit will be refunded.

Monroe Community College does have an off-campus web page that will help students who are looking for off-campus housing in the local area.


What if I decide that I do not want to live on-campus after I have signed the Housing Agreement?

If you are not offered a room and are on our waitlist, you may request your $200 deposit in writing at anytime.

Once you accept a room, you may request your $200 deposit in writing as long as it is within ten (10) days of being placed in a bed.

Once you accept a room you will forfeit the application fee if you (a) are past the ten (10) day deadline and (b) cancel prior to the start of classes.

Once a student has moved into the residence halls there is a binding agreement to remain in the residence halls for the academic year unless a student is released. Please refer to the Housing Agreement for further clarification.


Photo of students moving into the residence halls on move in day.

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